Why use Digital Cabinet?

File your documents online. Transform your business.

In today’s world, just about everything is conducted online. Many essentials from years gone by are now considered obsolete. Remember the days of fax machines and floppy disks? They were once not only commonplace, but vital to efficient business practices. Now they just seem quaint. As technology has progressed, so have expectations. Paper is the next thing to go: today people require online solutions that make their lives easier, especially within the business sector.

It’s time for a paperless office solution, and that’s where we come in. Digital Cabinet is an online document storage system that’s based in the Cloud, which lets you file your documents the same way you would in person. It mimics the unique way your organisation does business, so you can maintain the same structures and processes you’ve always had; the only difference now is that it’ll all be online.

After all, you wouldn’t post your colleagues letters – you’d email them. You wouldn’t page through an encyclopedia – you’d consult Google. You wouldn’t write out a contract by hand – you’d type it. So why are you still physically filing your documents? It’s time-consuming, it wastes paper, and it costs money.

Why a paperless office is better:

It saves you money.
You don’t have to spend money buying reams and reams of paper.

It saves you time.
Now you don’t have to physically spend time filing documents and manually searching for the ones you need.

You can access your documents from anywhere.
Whether you’re at the office, at home or on the move, what you’re looking for is just a click away.

It’s safer.
You don’t have to worry about losing important documents. They’re all safely stored on our system.

It’s better for the environment.
Reducing your paper usage minimises your impact on the environment. This is in accordance with good corporate governance.