Run a fully compliant business.


  • SSL Certificate

All data transmitted to and from our cloud environment is transmitted securely over a 256-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

  • Password Encryption

All passwords are encrypted using leading iterative algorithms with random keys and salts, and are stored as highly secure hashes in our database. We also enforce account lockout and a strong password policy to help prevent brute-force and rainbow table attacks.

  • Audit Trails

Digital Cabinet is exhaustive in its strict logging requirements. Every system transaction and exception on our platform (software or system level) is logged, and a full audit trail is easily retrievable at any time.



  • Data Centers

All of our servers are housed in a secure, fire-proof and air-conditioned data center, with software and hardware firewalls, 24-hour on-site engineers, daily automated backups, and Disaster Recovery (DR) facilities.

  • Disaster Recovery

Client data is incrementally backed up to our Disaster Recovery site over a secure SSH tunnel on a daily basis. Data integrity is maintained using checksumming and CRC techniques.



SARS  & POPI – In  order  to  be  fully compliant, Digital Cabinet enforces the following requirements:

  • Transfers of all documents are done via a 128-bit or greater encrypted connection (SSL).
  • All documents are retained for a period of 5 years or more.
  • Original documents and database entries can be reproduced into a readable form upon request, so that you can view your information easily.
  • Comprehensive audit trails are maintained by preventing any alteration or manipulation, so that the integrity of your documentation is secured at all times.

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