The Features

Digital Cabinet is so simple you'll be a pro in a matter of minutes

No software installation is required – we’ve designed this document-backup platform with ease of use in mind. We provide full training and support every step of the way.

Furthermore, our document-management system takes care of key administrative issues so you don’t have to; data backups, SARS compliant digital audit trails and automatic detailed process reporting.

  • Storing and sharing information has never been easier. Now you can:

  • Scan or drag-and-drop your documents (such as invoices, emails, PODs, etc.) directly into the Cloud.

  • Search for and retrieve your documents in seconds.

  • Rest assured knowing your documents are safe with automated daily off-site backups.

  • Receive SARS-compliant digital document audit trails.

  • Implement permission-based access-control on all files.

  • Customise reports according to your unique business requirements.

  • Customise digital forms (e.g. application forms; order forms; job cards) and workflow procedures to replace paper processes.

  • Access a client portal to disseminate or receive customer data.