Data protection measures

We provide bank-level encryption.

At Digital Cabinet, security is paramount. We provide bank-level encryption on all our data, so you can rest assured your documents will always remain safe.

Our servers are housed in top-security, state-of-the-art data centres across the country, and all traffic is transmitted via 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL) connections.


How we protect your documents:

Secure data centres
Our servers are housed in top-security data centres that are fire-proof and air-conditioned. We back up all servers offsite daily, and make sure that there is constant web-monitoring. Our highly trained engineers constantly monitor server logs to detect intrusion attempts and prevent any unauthorised access.

SSL Certificate
All data transmissions take place over a 256-bit encrypted secure socket layer connection (HTTPS).

Password encryption
We encrypt every password with leading iterative algorithms that use random keys and salts. Results are stored as highly-secure hashes in our database. This system helps us prevent brute-force and rainbow-table attacks.

Password policy
We make sure that each user password adheres to specific requirements that maintain system integrity: they must meet length, character set and dictionary prohibition criteria.

Session encryption
To prevent network traffic interception, all session data is encrypted with a 256-bit key which adds an extra layer of security.

Session regeneration
After every important action a call is triggered which regenerates the session. This helps prevent session hijacking.

Session timeout
Session timeouts are enforced, based on user requirements. This prevents inadvertent security breaches which could occur due to user oversight.

Login attempts
After the specified number of login attempts has been exceeded, Digital Cabinet will block the user name and/or ban the IP address. To unblock it, the user will need to contact head office to verify their credentials.

Roles and permissions
Users require special permission for every action performed in Digital Cabinet. This includes permission to view any file or document.

Data sanitisation
Every user input and output is strictly sanitised to prevent SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks.

Audit trails
Digital Cabinet logs every single system transaction and exception (at both software and system level). A full audit trail is easily retrievable at any time.