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Getting to Know the Home Screen/Dashboard

The first thing you see when you log on to your Digital Cabinet is your Home Screen/Dashboard.

You are essentially looking at your entire Archive Room in one place, and can now start opening Cabinets and begin searching for and adding files or documents.

From here, you can see:

The Main Menu

Placed at the top of your screen are various buttons that give you access to various Digital Cabinet Advanced Features.

These can range, depending on your Permissions, from “Email” for regular Users, or “Administration” for admins, to “Help”.

The Home Button

On the top-left of the screen is the Digital Cabinet logo. Simply click the logo if at any point you would like to refresh your view and return the Home Screen.

The Cabinet Selector

This is the dropdown menu on the left side of your screen.

From here you are able to view all the files you have access to, which are displayed in a list below the File Search Box. You can also select individual cabinets in order to filter and view all the files in a particular cabinet only.

Please note

By default, Digital Cabinet shows all the Files in the Cabinets you have permission to access. If you would like to change the default cabinet selected, you can find instructions here.

Below the Cabinet Selector is a search box from which you can quickly search for a particular file that you have permission to access.

The User Display

To the right of the Main Menu is a display that indicates who is currently logged-in to Digital Cabinet. This is indicated by the email address that is currently “Logged in as” to Digital Cabinet.

From here you can also log-out or change your password, or for Administrators, change the default Cabinet displayed on login to the system.


If you do not see your own email address, consider logging-out and logging in again with your own username and password.

The Function Buttons

Digital Cabinet is meant to make your Document Management as easy as possible, and thus, we make basic features as easy as possible to access.

As such, below the Main Menu are three buttons:

Once the File Manager has been opened by selecting your desired File in the Cabinet Selector, a few more buttons are added:

These are context-sensitive buttons that relate to the current Cabinet and File you have opened. As such, these buttons allow you to easily upload a document directly into the File or folder you have currently navigated to, as well as to view all the Notes that have been added to your current File only.

The File and Document Details Panes

When you add a File or set a Document Type, you will be prompted to add in the metadata fields you require per File or Document, which will be displayed in File and Document Panes.

Arranged one under the other on the right of your screen, these panes show you details and metadata of the Files or Documents you have selected.

These details can be set when Adding Files, edited per Document by clicking the View Meta Data button in the File Manager Toolbar, or more labels can be added per Document Type by Administrators in the Documents Type Manager.

Updated on 22/05/2019

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