How Digital Cabinet’s paperless digital forms can speed up your quote generation tenfold and streamline your business’s workflow, so that you can spend less time quoting and more time working.

“Uhm, Captain,”  heard Skipper Ahab over the squeal of rending metal, “we may have a small problem down here.”

Skipper Ahab was the picture of someone knee-deep in problems of his own—knee-deep in sloshing sea water to be exact. Everything was going to hell on the bridge of the Crimson Excelsior: the deep-sea submarine was currently in the clutches of a giant squid that was being a little too friendly with its welcoming embrace to Skipper Ahab’s liking.

The skipper currently had one hand holding down his beret while the other hand was clamped with a vice-like intensity on the submarine’s controls. He was also standing awkwardly over the sprawled mass of his first mate’s slumped body, who had just fainted a few moments earlier.

“Captain…?” said the tinny voice of his quartermaster on the intercom.

Normally ever the one to keep calm under pressure—especially if it’s the intense pressure found deep beneath the ocean—this time however the skipper replied to his quartermaster through gritted teeth beneath his mop-like salt-and-pepper moustache. “What is it?” he hissed.

At that, Marc Floorberg, quartermaster of the Crimson Excelsior, took a moment to ponder his normally implacable and genial captain’s curtness. After careful consideration, he eventually came to the conclusion that it probably had something to do with the crunching of metal-on-metal and the hissing of high-pressure seawater that accompanied his response. The other clues to the source of the skipper’s current state of agitation were the blearing klaxons and the wide-eyed panic that the rest of the crew were exhibiting as they rushed around helter-skelter like their lives were at stake. Some were even praying.

“Well, Captain, interesting thing, actually. I’ve just been going over the paperwork, and it appears that we were misquoted when we resupplied at Port Manteau. We were not, in fact, supplied with anti-cephalopod measures. Must have been an administrative mixup. Just thought I’d let you know.”

“YOU DON’T SAY!!!” was the Captains response.

Wow, thought Marc, what could have possibly gotten hold of him?

Wouldn’t that just be the worst, having a simple clerical error marking the watery graves of an entire crew of tough, rugged deep-sea sailors?

Well, when it comes to quoting for any business, it could be the difference between sinking or swimming—quotes, after all, are the lifeblood of any business offering a product or a service.

Digital Cabinet’s online, cloud-based paperless platform is ubiquitous for many different needs, one of them being keeping a grip on quotes—both in generating them, storing them and analyzing them.

Dark depths

Manually generating quotes, especially on a large scale, is just  massive waste of time and productivity.

Anyone that has worked in an office at some point probably knows all too well the tedium that is compiling a quote after quote. 

Usually, just filling in quotes can take up a large chunk of the day, and more often than not, sometimes it takes a while to get through them, and some might even slip through the cracks if your job comes with many other responsibilities as well.

Even if it’s on a computer, a typical quote undoubtedly means switching back and forth between multiple documents to look up and record the price for a particular item and then doing the necessary calculations.

Accuracy on quotes is essential, especially when considering that often the person you are sending a quote to is likely fielding a host of other quotes from your competitors. If that’s the case, then why spend more time than you have to generating one?

The fact of the matter is this: the less time spent making quotes, the more quotes you can make. That’s just basic productivity.

Under pressure

When dealing with hundreds of orders, or multiple teams of sales reps having an easy-to-use quoting system is essential.

We’ve said it before, but every minute wasted on a mundane task is a minute not spent focusing on things that actually matter. 

We’re talking about things like ensuring that your customers are receiving the best service possible, for instance, and focusing on areas that can make you a cut above your competitors—who are proabbly wasting all their time filling in quotes manually.

Especially if you run a business that deals with thousands of quotes a month, or has a whole team or multiple teams of sales representatives doing what they do best, then having a simple and quick means of generating quotes is undoubtedly beneficial.

Your sales forces will relish more time interfacing with clients, and your future customers will appreciate the timely service. If they happen to be shopping around for quotes, then the fact that yours has arrived before they’ve even finished dialling the next number definitely puts a feather in your cap.

Tranquil waters

Digital Cabinet's paperless platfrom allows you to digitize you quote-making process to save time and costs.

At Digital Cabinet, our aim is to make the boring administrative tasks a thing of the past; we believe that automation is the key to turning better profits. 

Why spend wasted minutes doing something that a computer could do with just a few clicks of guidance from your hand instead? And why waste all that unneeded paper and printer-ink the process?

Our digital forms are perfect for generating quotes and here’s why:

  • A simple web link is all potentially thousands of sales rep needs to start quoting (from any mobile device).
  • Once opened, the form will automatically generate a quote number and date, taking into account all the other quotes made by other people.
  • Each service or product that need to be quoted can simply be selected from a simple dropdown list and the quantity selected.
  • Management has a separate web tool to manage item/service prices that will automatically be updated without any input from the person doing the quote.
  • The form will automatically calculate subtotals, VAT and totals.
  • When the quote is completed and submitted, it is automatically sent to the client, who can then digitally sign it there and then, from whatever device, and send it back with one click.
  • Once signed and submitted, the quote is automatically converted into PDF and stored in the correct space on the cloud—the platform automatically creates a folder based on the information filled in on the quote.
  • Our built-in Reporting Tools can then be used to search for specific metadata, and filter the results by any metric that was included on the quote.

And just like that, with a few clicks the entire quoting process is complete and already digitized; no need for someone else to waste their time translating the quote onto a spreadsheet: it was already done as the quote was filled out.

And all without using a single scrap of paper. If you’re generating a lot of quotes, just think of how much capital was saved by not having to buy, print and store all that paper—it’s better for your business and our planet.

No matter what sector you are in, be it medical to finance, the simple quote is the first drop in the ocean of business. Having a reliable, quick and easy way to generate, send, and store quotes is essential.

If the amount of time that you are your employees spend on menial office admin is dragging your business down, then perhaps it’s time to take the time to breathe in the sweet air of digital automation.

Digital Cabinet specializes in automated workflows and paperless digital forms, we offer solutions so that you can trim the excess sails of inefficiency and sail freely into the horizon of profit.

One could even say that our platform is built for the seas of business too, well, like a squid in water…

You can find out more about Digital Cabinet at

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