How using paper is harming our planet and how going paperless can be life-changing.

At Digital Cabinet, we want to help your business be more productive. Our automated and customised workflow solutions are one way we do that, but our other speciality is paperless systems.

In fact, that is how we started: offering a cloud-based Document Management solution. Our digital forms platform was a further step in that direction, so that you can leave all the wasted time and additional costs of ink and paper behind.

But, more than productivity and profitability boosts, a paperless office also has wider-reaching effects.

Harvesting paper hurts our planet; going paperless allows you to heal your business.

Less paper means less planet

We all know where paper comes from: paper comes from wood pulp, which means that trees—which, alone, cover over 30% of our planet’s surface—have to be cut down.

Forests are ecosystems in and of themselves, providing homes for countless plant and animal species that make our planet so unique. In order to make paper, numerous animals lose their homes, and without those, they lose their means of survival. Sumatran tigers, for example, are critically endangered because the paper industry that has been destroying their natural environment.

Cutting down trees, removing these valuable resources from our environment, in order to print our memos and forms is not only harmful to the critters that call the forests, woods and jungles home, but also to us as well.

Just have a look at the video below about the effects of deforestation on the environment and climate:

Trees are also invaluable to the process of ‘scrubbing’ the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and replacing these unbreathable and harmful particles with the oxygen that all life on the planet needs to survive.

Even if one were to plant a tree for every tree cut down, the act of harvesting these trees  emits greenhouse gases that wreak havoc on our environment and contribute to Global Warming.

So, if you were ever unsure about going paperless, maybe the thought of eliminating the need for paper entirely would be a valuable act in ensuring the longevity of our planet and all that call it home. The more organizations that go paperless, the more chance that others will follow suit, and the Earth as we know it might once again thrive with wildlife.

Paperless is a lifestyle

In addition to saving the environment, going paperless also revolutionizes our day-to-day work lives. A great example is Dominic Stühler, an author and founder of Presentation Revolution, a company that specializes in making memorable presentations that stick,

Dominic is a ‘digital nomad’, meaning that ever since he went paperless he no longer had any need for a fixed home. He travels constantly, but yet he still manages to get his work done—all without paper.

You can watch the full TEDx talk below to give you an idea of how paperless living can affect one’s lifestyle:

Having all your documents cloud-based means that you have access to them from anywhere, and you know that they are secure—far more secure than if stored behind a simple lock in a room somewhere.

Paper is heavy. Not only paper, but the heavy-duty filing cabinets that store all that paper—often acting as an eternal tomb for paperwork that gets used once and never again. All those cabinets also need space to be kept, and that valuable real-estate can be expensive and unnecessary. Add to that the cost of the paper itself, as well as the printer and ink to print on it, and it’s easy to see why going paperless is invaluable to the revenue of your business; revenue that can be used in other, more productive and important ways.

Not only do you save time by having all this information at your fingertips, but it also means that you can do so from anywhere. The office, and the weight of all those stacks of paper, is no longer an anchor holding you down. Going paperless give you freedom—freedom to move around and be more flexible and elastic than ever before. It also gives you freedom of mind knowing that your information is encrypted digitally in the cloud.

As an environmentally-conscious organization, Digital Cabinet is fully aware of the many benefits of eliminating paper from the office. That’s why our system is specifically designed to make that benefit immediately apparent, as well as easy and affordable to implement.

Pivoting to a fully paperless system means that you will save valuable, productive time that is often lost having to search for and courier documents to be signed and it also reduces your office’s carbon footprint saving the environment in the process.

So let us help your business, and bring it into an age where paper is a thing of the past.

Would you like to take the step to have a paperless office and saving the environment? Go to Digital Cabinet to find out more.

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