How Digital Cabinet helped a real estate group’s service go paperless and improve its efficiency.

Outside, the air is thick like heavy material; inside too.

Hovering in the dense air like bloated flies, helicopters shine their spotlights and practically bludgeon the crumbling facade of an old apartment building with their thick molasses beams. Team Leader Alpha can feel the thump of the helicopters’ whirling blades cutting like garrote wire through the masonry of this ratty apartment building corridor.

As he stands with his back pressed against the peeling corridor wall, his fellow members of SWAT Team One are doing the same. They’re waiting for the order to enter the room and resolve the hostage situation within.

And then, the faint, synchronized crackle in multiple earpieces:  “SWAT Team One, it’s all on you now. Go, go, go!”

As the team rookie connects his foot against the door’s weak point, Team Leader Alpha is already slipping through the darkened portal, his firearm checking the corners of the room like a laser beam. The oiled machine that they are, the rest of the team move in behind him in mirror-image unison.

Alpha quickly sees the problem: the hostages are huddled in the middle room surrounded by big burly metal filing cabinets. The cabinets are pockmarked with bullet holes already, paper spilling out of their drawers, but they don’t seem to care. And they’re desperate.

“Cabinets?” says Team Leader Alpha as he trains his gun, “More like coffins. File this!”

Welcome back to our monthly segment highlighting the solutions that Digital Cabinet has been able to give businesses.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve shown how Digital Cabinet can streamline a business’s workflow with the use of paperless technology. Last month we discussed how we helped luxury car dealerships overcome their paper issues to great effect. No matter the industry or sector, going paperless is a must to increase efficiency.

This time, we’re going to be doing a little case study on a business in the Realty and Property sector.

Over and Out

A real estate group was having a problem managing their document workflow, Digital Cabinet fixed it.

Far from being a surly ill-tempered team of tactical cops, the real estate company we helped, in contrast, are really nice guys just trying to be helpful.

Starting as a Residential Letting Agency Franchise Group in 2009, based in Bloemfontein, the real estate group has since expanded to 18 franchise branches across South Africa. Friendly and affable, they’re there for all your real estate needs—from full sales and letting solutions for clients looking to buy, sell or let properties, to everything in between.

One of their services is a Tenant Eviction Management Solution that aims to help landlords with all matters relating to evicting tenants, which can be a very delicate process.

Handled by a team of expert attorneys, this service aims to manage the entire process of eviction, from the lease cancellation stage all the way to the eviction order being granted. Such eviction services are incredibly valuable for landlords and soon-to-be tenants whose chances of a roof over their heads are threatened by those that do not want to abide by the contracts they signed.

As such, keeping eviction service well managed on an administration level is crucial, and it all starts with paper management; that’s where Digital Cabinet comes into the picture.

The Game Plan

A workflow and paperless business solution

As you can imagine, such processes require a lot of paperwork. All those forms and documentation that need to be sent, initialled, signed and then returned, they also need to be collated and filed; all the proofs of address, account details, ID books and contracts need to be gathered, kept together, and placed somewhere secure.

And that documentation is just for one case. Multiple branches handle multiple cases, and all that information has to be sent to the head office for approval and reporting.

Relying solely on paper for such an operational undertaking means a lot of time and effort is wasted in managing that paperwork: someone has to digitize all the information; someone else has to file that mass of paper and keep in categorized for easy access at a later point, if they are needed (which they undoubtedly would).

To combat this inefficient process, Digital Cabinet worked closely with the real estate firm’s management in order to craft a system and form that was tailor-made to work exactly as they needed it to and very little difference to their previous workflow processes—only better. This meant that their branches could simply and easily adopt the new system with a simple click of a link—which is exactly what happened.

Crisis Resolved

How Digital Cabinet improved a realty group's service workflow efficiency.

This time, we’re going to explain our solution a little differently. What we’re going to do is just explain the process of what it means to use Digital Cabinet for the realtors and attorneys.

Firstly, once the digital forms and system was set up, all head office had to do was send their branches an email with a link to the new form.

It was that simple.

Instead of filling in forms by hand and then having to scan them and send them individually, case by case, to head office, it was as easy as saying, “instead of doing how you used to, click this instead and fill out the form here.”

That was the entirety of the on-boarding process for each and every branch: one email. Clicking a link opened a new instance of a form—from a desktop computer or mobile device, it doesn’t matter since the form will automatically and dynamically adjust to fit any screen and display correctly.

In the form itself, they needed to select what branch they were from (displayed in a handy dropdown list), fill in the relevant details in the fields provided, attach the relevant scanned files and click “submit”.

The rest is done by the Digital Cabinet system.

Once submitted, the forms are added to our secure, cloud-based Document Management platform where the form is automatically given a new case number, and all that information in the form’s fields are automatically added to digital tables, the metadata are extrapolated and the filed, and the forms and documents are filed exactly as head office wants them to and stored securely on the cloud for easy access.

When a new case is added, management automatically receives an email notification with the details of the new case and which branch it’s coming from.

From there, that metadata and information can be easily compiled into reports on various aspects, like giving a brief overview for how many cases have been received over a set period, and then further order those results by branch.

With one simple link (and a few meetings and some work on our side) their entire workflow for their Tenant Eviction services in all their branches was transformed—now that entire process is paperless and already digitised by the time it even reaches our dedicated servers.

The real advantage of going paperless with Digital Cabinet is that the tedious processes of digitally capturing data and filing are removed completely. Data capture occurs at the very start of the process itself by the employee completing the form, and filing is automatically and immediately done by the platform.

Going paperless means more time to be productive, and to have your data immediately at your fingertips, without wasting any more of your time on outdated and inefficient paper-based processes.

No matter the sector or industry, if you ever need to be saved from the oppressive paper that is holding your business hostage, just call Digital Cabinet—we’re a highly-trained, crack special forces team with one goal: to save your business’s efficiency.

You can call us, Rainbow Fix.

You can find out more about Digital Cabinet at

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