How Digital Cabinet’s paperless solution helped luxury car dealerships from being overtaken by paperwork.

The race is close. Too close.

As you clutch at your chariot’s reigns, you desperately try to peer through the choking haze and you see that Augustus the Large is right beside you in his pompous chariotand he’s gaining.

Dust smothers the air like the flax of the starting flag. The thundering crunch of hooves and wooden wheels on dirt reverberate around the arena. In the Colosseum of your mind, your heart beats like a spooked stampede.

There! Amidst the brown, granular fog you catch a muted glimpse of the finish line.

You grip the reigns tighter, trying to will through those leather straps a last-ditch burst of speed to your horses, Cupcake and Shortbread. You look to your right to see that you’re still in the lead, but barely; it would be neck-and-neck, but for the length of a horse’s sable nose.

You can practically taste the victory.

And then, with an otherworldly roar, something else entirely rushes past, something sleek and silver, something faster than humanly possible—something with the power of a few hundred horses at least—something that strips you of your victory mere nanometres from the end.

As the strange chariot disappears into the dust and its raging sound reverberates in your mind, now all you taste is the earthy bitterness of dust.

In the world of business, paper is that chariot, and paperless is the car.

Cupcake and Shortbread might be the best horses to ever set foot in the Colosseum, but there is no way that they could ever match the hundreds of Cupcakes and Shortbreads in the car’s engine.

So, why stick to an archaic means of doing things, when you could instead embrace the efficiency of paperless technologies?

Paper means printing and filing documents, which means misfiled or lost documents; and the hunt for those is all but wasted time; time that can be better spent with far more productive and profitable tasks.

Even simple processes like signing a document can take hours or even days to approve due to slow courier services or even faulty printers and scanners.

For a dealership that provides people access to world-renowned luxury automobiles, keeping the dealership organized can be a difficult task.

Seeking an innovative solution to eliminate their inundation of paper, they turned to Digital Cabinet.

A challenge issued

A dealership can often be left with an archive room the size of the Roman Empire, and just as obsolete and forgotten.

Car dealerships were faced with the overwhelming task of tracking their numerous document materials that were scattered amongst their various systems and branches.

The lack of control over the document management process meant that office-staff were spending way too much work time searching for lost documents, which directly affected their ability to provide the excellent service for they are so well known.

Without the ability for management to quickly retrieve crucial business information, their ability to make lightning-fast informed decisions was severely hampered. Not to mention that storing physical documents is a security risk that leaves sensitive data open for manipulation—these days, locking something behind a door is just not enough.

A gauntlet overcome

Digital Cabinet had the perfect solution for luxury car dealership's document management crisis.

In order to address these issues, Digital Cabinet was able to provide dealerships with custom solutions. We worked closely with their management divisions to create an optimized file management system to emulate and replace their existing physical filing systems and update them into the modern era.

This allowed employees to:

  • Digitally capture their data with custom-made digital Forms that matched exactly to their existing physical documentation;
  • Manage their data on our Cloud Storage platform set-up to emulate exactly how their physical filing procedures,
  • Distribute documents easily with our email plug-in directly from the cloud, without having to wait for courier services or scanning, uploading and emailing.
  • Archive all documents during the document’s lifecycle, to maintain a compliant audit trail.

All the data captured could then be analysed using Digital Cabinet’s built-in reporting tools, providing dealership management valuable insights into their business and operations.

A podium finish

Using Digital Cabinet's platform helped luxury car dealerships got on top of their document management and focus on being productive.

The results?

Utilizing Digital Cabinet’s custom cloud solution, the dealerships were able to significantly increase their daily productivity.

Digital Cabinet’s centralized document management system allows management to securely access their scattered content from anywhere and at any time (and on any device) from our secure cloud platform.

Digitizing their filing process ensured that no documents fell through the cracks and that all resources were easily retrievable when needed (whether for operational or compliance purposes). Our custom reports even allowed them to track missing required documents that were yet to be uploaded.

The seamless user experience also provided their stakeholders with insights to control and manage business activities remotely, thereby significantly increasing efficiency and improving the decision-making process.

Don’t be that person that brings a horse to drag race—especially if your opponent is bald, wears a white vest and has a last name that sounds vaguely fuel-related.

Instead of living in the past, rather let Digital Cabinet bring you into a future where cars have been entirely replaced by hoverboards and glider-skates, and where you can eat your cupcake and shortbread, without worrying about losing the business race.

Go paperless and you’ll immediately feel the weight of all that paper off your shoulders giving that extra boost needed to cross the finish line first ahead of all the competition.

No matter what race, or what or department, from—be it car rentals or life insurance—Digital Cabinet and going paperless is the right fuel that can give you the edge to achieve those podium finishes.

And Digital Cabinet will be there to cheer you on.

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