How Digital Cabinet helped insurance brokers go paperless and improve their efficiency.

The ancient Egyptians believed that when they passed away and stood at the gates of the afterlife, their hearts would be weighed against the Feather of Truth.

All the good they had done in life would be combined with the bad, and if the scale tipped too far in either direction, their afterlives would be denied to them. On the other hand, if they were left at the end of their days unburdened and peaceful, their hearts would weigh as much as that feather and the scales would remain balanced.

But, what if when you stand at those gates after a long and prosperous life, instead of a feather your heart was weighed against all the unnecessary documentation you had printed and filed in your lifetime of work?

Imagine it: there you are, standing in the cool night-time sands of an endless desert. An ethereal breeze rustles your white robes as you stare at the remarkable sight of a lone object distinct against an infinite sandscape —a glittering golden scale.

Meanwhile, as you stand there smiling awkwardly, a jackal-headed figure slowly shakes its head in sad miscomprehension at the metric-ton of useless paper stacked in a haphazard and slightly imploding pile beside you.

Now, if only you had had the opportunity to digitize your paper processes and manage it with a paperless document management solution; to not only secure your business’s future with an eco-friendly solution with automated workflow, but also to ensure a weightless life without any of the stresses of filing or searching for paperwork.

In fact, one of our clients in the financial sector had that exact problem—well, not the Egyptian afterlife problem—but the unnecessary paper problem.

That’s a problem that Digital Cabinet can help with and is something we have done successfully for other businesses, large and small.

Life is everything

Insurance brokers were being buried alive by paperwork.

One day, if something were to go wrong in your life or business, be it an accident, illness or a dip in sales, you’ll want to know that there is someone in the corner making sure that you will able to afford and manage the rough patch.

You’ll need someone that is there to ensure that you are buried under a smothering pile of expenses, debt and paperwork while you’re doing just trying to make it through. That’s what insurance is for: to make sure that you are covered and supported when you need it most.

Insurance brokers, amongst other things, specialize in providing insurance products in the insurance industry with many independent and tied representatives.

They offer health and life insurance, specifically tailored for making sure that in spite of injury, illness or even death, you or your family will be able to continue living without a magnitude of medical expenses weighing you down.

As this sector is primarily conducted with physical forms and paperwork—each one needing to be filled in, copied and stored—one can only imagine the sheer amount of paper used on a day-to-day basis. Everything from client details, accident reports and claims require stacks of forms to be filled out.

Submitting an insurance claim usually requires a constellation of signatures and initials, back and forth documentation, the correct approval from the right person. Often, this process seems to never end and generates a lot of paperwork in the meantime—paperwork that needs to be kept track of and filed.

Buried Beneath Dunes of Paper

Digital Cabinet was able to help insurance brokers implement a paperless document management solution.

For major independent franchisees in the insurance sector, tracking and managing the sheer volumes of paper involved was a monumental task, especially when doing so amongst multiple branches and disparate IT systems—a task that leeches resources and time from employees that could be focusing on more productive enterprises.

Very quickly, an empty desk can be filled with an impenetrable mass of paperwork.

Many forms have redundant information in the form of the T’s & C’s, so why spend all that time and effort printing and filing this information? And that doesn’t even take into account all the duplicates needed for each and every form—which are often unnecessary or unneeded after a single use.

All that paper means that trying to find a misplaced document is like trying to find an ancient tomb in a desert—and one has to look out for curses of ancient Pharaohs.

It got to a point that many insurance brokers found themselves buried beneath a shifting desert of paper and were even running out of floor space to store it all. That undifferentiated mass of paper was literally becoming impossible to manage. And growing larger every day.

Finally, growing sick and tired of the deluge of paper and the exorbitant costs of stationery, the franchisees went searching for a solution—and found that they could turn to Digital Cabinet.

A Liberating Weight Off

Insurance brokers' workflows that implemented Digital Cabinet were instantly rewarded with increased efficiency.

Like going from papyrus to pixels or from camels to dune-buggies, by implementing Digital Cabinet’s cloud-based document management solution (DMS), the brokers’ paper-usage was virtually eradicated.

Almost immediately, sharing files became a far less intensive and time-consuming process. The DMS system was able to provide them instant online access to documents from all other franchises, including the head office.

Instead of having to wait for couriers to deliver envelopes, documents could be shared at the speed of the internet. Email correspondence chains could be archived on the cloud, without having to be printed out and filed manually

Digital Cabinet’s integrated scan tool was able to make short work of their existing paperwork: by scanning documents directly to the cloud, the tiresome task of adding each file manually was instantly obsolete. Digitizing stacks of paper into a secure cloud platform and made them instantly accessible, automatically organized and easily searchable.

Going forward, Digital Cabinet’s forms feature means that those brokerages will be able to send documents to be signed and initialled in a painless exercise that is as simple as clicking a link, digitally signing, and then clicking again to submit.

When it comes to the afterlife, Egyptian or not, the adages may be true: nothing is as certain as death and taxes.

However inevitable death may be, you have to make sure you and your family will be taken care of when you’re gone; one way to do so is to take steps to ensure that superfluous paperwork is not the cause.

No one wants to be buried alive by a sandstorm composed of an unwieldy stack of insurance policies, or stumble upon the forgotten tomb of your filing room only to be set upon by a mummy covered entirely by duplicate paperwork.

Instead, let Digital Cabinet invest in your future, so that you can stand confidently in front of the jackal-headed guardian and face that feather knowing that the weight of all that paper is off your shoulders. Digital Cabinet can help with that—be it finance, healthcare or human resources departments that need a paperless upgrade.

Talk about living a lighthearted life.

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