Why it’s all workflow: where Digital Cabinet has been and where we’re going

The future cannot exist without the past; in order to go somewhere, one first has to have been elsewhere—those two points are innately connected to one another—and the present is just the journey between those two shifting points.

Our new blog and newsletter is a testament to the ever-changing flux that is the present, it is part of the journey that makes us what we are. That’s why when we talk about Digital Cabinet‘s future, we have to first see where we came from to understand where we are going.

Now that we’ve all had a couple of months to settle into the flow of 2019, let’s have a look at the evolution of Digital Cabinet’s paperless platform.

Workflow isn’t just a phase

workflow is just a phase, a futuristic city skyline within a hexagonal shape

Digital Cabinet has always had a three-phase development cycle. Our evolution from document management to incorporate digital forms, and where we’re going in the future, was built into our DNA from the beginning.

For us, that core concept is workflow because everything we do, everything a business does, is encompassed by the idea of workflow: it’s both the place that we started and where we want to be.

Everything is workflow because everything in a business is one cohesive system that requires particular steps at crucial moments to keep businesses and all their departments moving forward productively.

These are important steps for any business to keep track of what has been done, what still needs to be done, who needs to do what and when—whether it be in Human Resources or Management departments, or Catering to Finance sectors.

All our systems up to this point and beyond all function as a means to simplify and automate business processes and management, and that’s all vital to how your business works—that’s workflow.

Documental acumen

workflow is document management, a futuristic city skyline on a hexagonal grid

Where previously all business was conducted and kept track of on paper, which then needed to be stored in unwieldy filing rooms, the future is digital—and with it, paper is all but obsolete. That’s where Digital Cabinet started, by offering a platform for businesses to easily go paperless.

We started with a document management product and designed to be a sleek and easy-to-use system in order to bring workplaces out of dusty Archive Rooms and into the paperless, modern digital era while saving time, money and valuable productive resources doing so. With the archetype of a filing cabinet in mind, the point of our platform was to mimic existing physical filing systems, so that onboarding paperless practices is a seamless transition for the old to the new.

Documents can be easily scanned and filed on the cloud, and shared, which eliminates the extra cost and space needed for physical filing systems. As our platform is based on the cloud, this ensures that all your documents and data are easily accessible from anywhere—from any mobile device or browser.

The benefit of the cloud also means that your data is more secure than a lock on a door. All your documentation and business information is also stored in a way that complies with the POPI Act and GDPR standards so that you know your business information is in good hands.

Formal engagements

digital forms are workflow too, a futuristic city in the clouds arranged in a hexagonal grid

Data capture was the next step for Digital Cabinet, offering assistance so that businesses can worry less about filing forms and spend more time doing the important things.

The benefit of going paperless means that businesses can skip out the tedious step of data capture, and collect all that information at the point of sale, so to speak.

By digitizing paper forms, you can simply send them to employees, clients or suppliers, have them digitally signed and submitted back, and then filed automatically. Not only does this completely eliminate the need for paper at all in your business, but paper trails are digitally and securely stored on the cloud.

The benefit of this is that you can have forms that look and act exactly like your current physical version, but with the added bonus that all that data entered is already captured and ready to be used for day-to-day administration purposes.

Having your forms and documents digitally available also allows Digital Cabinet’s reporting tools to assist you in compiling detailed reports, using the metadata within the forms in your system so that you can use the data you have stored to the best effect.

Soon our Forms tools will be even more robust; creating your own customized form templates will be as easy as drag-and-dropping into a template, or selecting a template from a bank of pre-generated forms.

Going with the (work)flow

everything is workflow, a city skyline in a hexagonal  grid with circuit like roots extending downwards from the city

As we mentioned previously, to us everything we’ve talked about falls in the realm of workflow. Going paperless is key to a streamlined workflow because paper-based processes are the biggest time-waster of all. If you have to wait for documents to arrive be signed and then returned, you’re left with twiddling your thumbs while you wait.

Digital document management, delivery and data capture are all ways to automate the workflow of a business, to ensure that processes are streamlined into an efficient system, to maximise working-time and minimize time wasted due to filing or searching for documents.

Workflow makes sure that all your business processes—the flow of what needs to be done—are simply and smartly managed so that the correct person receives the correct information at the right stage. This is vital to keeping your business moving forward and working as it should be so that more time can be spent on productive work, and less time on inefficient administration tasks.

But workflow also means more than that—with Digital Cabinet it will mean being able to customize the flow of your business. Phase three for us is to offer customizable workflow solutions for businesses so that we can further assist in ensuring that businesses can run as efficiently as possible, by automating the process.

We want to ensure that the system that is the backbone of your business works exactly how you need it to and that it is fully integrated with systems already in place. With customizable workflow management tools and integration, this is all possible.

Going forward, Digital Cabinet wants to be thought-leaders on all things workflow. We aim to be on the frontlines for digitizing and automating business processes because we want to ensure that businesses function as efficiently and productively as possible.

We want to be forward-thinking in terms of business practices and the implementation of developing technology—like blockchain and the latest paperless and mobile trends—so that we can make sure that your business is as simple and easy to run as possible.

We want to use technology to give businesses space and freedom to thrive efficiently and productively, and most importantly, in an environmentally-conscious manner.

So, let’s go where that flow takes us, together: into the future.

You can find out more about Digital Cabinet at www.digitalcabinet.co.za

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