How Digital Cabinet helped a large car rental agency and their branches find their way to seamless and efficient HR onboarding.

Imagine a dark, forgotten place…

A temple to an obsolete entity, perhaps, hidden somewhere deep in the bowels of another, much larger building.

Once grand and essential, this chamber is nothing now but a palimpsest of dust. It is now but a place of sombre solitude filled with dusty obelisks, rectangular and foreboding, countless in number, each just as dusty and forgotten as the one beside it—all stubbled with thick beards of moss.

Each metallic monolith contains within it compartments in which are kept long-forgotten scripture, yellowed and crumbling, records of the passed souls of this long-lost civilization.

Many have tried to search for this place, for the unknown treasures that lie within—but it is of no use. Fewer still even dare to enter, for this is a place that has swallowed up countless adventures.

No, this place, claimed by ephemeral time, is better left forgotten…

What you’ve just read was a pretty much spot-on description of your business’s Record Room.

Undoubtedly, it is a place filled to the brim with filing cabinets and paper; a place that, if you had to try and mount an expedition find something buried in a forgotten drawer somewhere, would see you desperately searching for a priceless relic—a single piece of paper, an urgent form—all the while dodging hostile arrows as they whistle past your fedora-wearing head.

Luckily, in this day and age, such rooms are obsolete. Cloud-based storage, document management systems, digital forms and custom workflows have completely changed how companies are filing their documents—in ways that are both efficient and eco-friendly.

Set-upon by Serpents

A mjor automotive rentals agency and their branched were having problems managing all their HR documentation.

One of Digital Cabinet’s clients is a global car rental company with 52 branches in Africa, spanning Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

For them, their Human Resources departments were particularly struggling with standardising their employee on-boarding process across their branches.

A process that usually would involve stacks of forms to be filled-out and manually captured, would then usually be exiled to filing-cabinets and never to be seen again. 

Unless, of course, that information was needed again.

Difficult-to-access information meant that any information gap would be subject to a needlessly convoluted process that comes with the logistical nightmare that is physically managing all that paper. In the car rental agency’s case, often, information was found to be inaccessible, incomplete or somehow misplaced.

If a form happened to be filled-out, logged, or filed incorrectly, then it would probably take Indiana Jones himself years and many, countless, close-shaves later—likely involving, no doubt, giant boulders, plane crashes, and mysterious human-sacrificing cults—to maybe find the Holy Grail—I mean, correct document—again. Maybe.

Most likely the document would be permanently lost and Indy would have gone through all that bother with the snakes (why did there have to be snakes?) for nothing.

The Cloud Utopia (of Gold)

Digital Cabinet work closely with car rental agencies' management to digitize their document management processes and improve their workflow.

For the car rental agency’s case, the task of managing their on-boarding and paper-based processes must have felt like running away from a giant boulder down a never-ending ramp. It was exhausting.

After hacking away for what felt like aeons at the dense mass of paper, they came upon the precipice to the Ravine of Filing, and one avalanche later, they were being swept swiftly down to the icy River of Paper. At last, they were borne upon the slopes of a majestic mountain topped with clouds, within which place of wonder was meant to reside, a Cloud Utopia.

There, the slope of that mountain, they found Digital Cabinet their new aquaintance and ever-faithful sherpa: to show them that any mountain is merely a hill, if you know the way.

We worked closely with their HR Team to fully understand the intricacies of their process so that their system would work exactly as before—only without all the headaches and leeches involved with physical document retrieval.

By digitizing their paper forms, their HR department could now capture employees’ details with ease and know that the data is automatically uploaded directly from the individual branch managers to the cloud—without the head office having to waste any time filing or sorting the documents themselves.

Our custom workflow solution also provided them with the ability to track the entire process, automatically sending emails for each step-by-step process of each HR task, before finally being sent for approval to the head office.

Thus they were able to save even more valuable time for more important things than simple file management—time for other, important quests that undoubtedly need some good ol’ Fedora-wearing action.

A treasure-trove discovered

The results of Digital Cabinet's Document Management Solution means that HR and car rental agencies can overcome the problems of paper and be more efficient.

Digital Cabinet was the perfect solution to these automotive industry’s HR and employee on-boarding woes.

Our cloud-based software platform enabled them to completely remove the need for any paper (or subsequent filing and treasure-hunting) in the process.

Finally, they had charted previously unknown and insurmountable regions there, they discovered the ultimate treasure: the secret to painless document management.

The car rental agency learned that all that hard work can be replaced with a simple, easy, efficient and painless process, that immediately made it possible for:

  • Their applications to be approved much faster with digital forms
  • All their important decisions to be made accurately with all their data easily accessible
  • Their lives to be made infinitely easier with the use of automated workflow processes
  • Their time saved by no longer having to waste work-hours on searching for documents
  • Their employees and Management were freed from much stress and frustration
  • Their revenue, that used to be lost to paper and ink supplies, filing and storage costs, to now be used for other more important things.

The HR department had finally made it to the fabled Treasure Vault of Cloud Storage and Digital Document Management.

The car rental agency is one of many Digital Cabinet clients, all of whom have similar problems.

From HR to Finance, Medical and Logistics, as well as many others, businesses and companies are constantly being weighed down by the sheer effort it takes to support the unnecessary bulk of obsolete paper and processes.

But, your business doesn’t need to wade through a dense jungle of papercuts and frustration to go searching for long-lost treasure ever again.

Let Digital Cabinet be your Indiana Jones—or, more precisely, a better Indiana Jones: a younger more technologically-advanced  Indy.

Plus, we don’t mind snakes.

You can find out more about Digital Cabinet at

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