The New Year is here, and you know what that means: Change.

Fittingly, since the first month of 2019 is already behind us, Digital Cabinet is taking that change head-on.

If you’re reading this, then you’re face-to-face with one of our big changes, coming to you in the form of our new weekly blog.

Or, perhaps, you might be reading this a little in the future, coming from our new newsletter.

These are just some of the changes that Digital Cabinet is embracing for 2019, so come along and embrace that change with us.

Our New Look

You’ve definitely noticed that the face of Digital Cabinet is different from what you’re used to seeing. Don’t worry, this is not a mirage; do not adjust your computer monitors…

Our new Corporate Identity is something we’ve been incredibly excited to announce, and are ecstatic to be sharing it with you at last.

And here it is!

Growing Up

Digital Cabinet is no longer the startup we once were. We have grown and are now offering more companies the opportunity to profit from an efficient paperless environment and reap the benefits of automated, custom Document Management, Data Capture and Delivery.

With that growth comes a pivot towards a new phase: being more than just a Document Management system—we want to be at the forefront of workflow and process automation; to make businesses run smoothly, efficiently, and environmentally consciously, while thinking ahead and integrating future technological advances.

So, we felt we needed to update our brand to reflect our refined ideals and streamlined services. Something futuristic but still familiar. Something that says that we are still committed to our founding values, but that we are also dedicated to excelling at future-focused digital business solutions.

Thus, we went with a new brand that is bold and elegant, refined and slightly abstracted, but still true to our vision of replacing the paper that fills office cabinets. We feel that the new modern design tells our story as a business dedicated to bringing offices into a digital, efficient and productive future.

With that in mind, we have been working on a brand new website, that we feel presents a far more up-to-date statement of who we are now, how we’ve changed, and what we are striving to be.

Our New Blog & Newsletter

In the same vein as our updated corporate identity, we also want to step forward and become a valuable resource for all our clients.

We want to show that we are dedicated to being an active, valuable and informative service, something more than just software, and a blog is the perfect way to update you on everything related to Digital Cabinet and beyond.

From the newest technological and business innovations, real-world use-cases and applications of our management systems, informative articles on the latest Compliance, Security and Backup trends, to updates about the future of Digital Cabinet and our Team, you can expect Digital Cabinet to become an integral part of your week with our blog.

And if you’d like, please feel free to leave us comment with your thoughts!

With the blog comes, The Quarterly Cabinet, our newsletter that will come out on the first Monday of every third month (expect the next one from us in June). With the newsletter, we want to keep you informed of what we are up to and to highlight a few of our favourite blog posts of the intervening period.

Don’t worry, though, we won’t get annoying about it—if that’s something you’re not interested in, just let us know, and we’ll start forwarding them on to a Nigerian Prince or something instead.

Nothing ever stays the same. The realms of Technology and Business are constantly changing, for progress cannot occur without flux. Change is a good thing.

Change allows us to adapt, innovate, and evolve, as we take the lessons of the previous year and apply them going forward, to new challenges, new opportunities and new growth.

Digital Cabinet is taking a bold new step into the future, embracing change, and we are excited to bring you with us as we boldly go forward.

So, here’s to you, to 2019, to change and the new.

You can find out more about Digital Cabinet at

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